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The best way to use dates to treat stomach ulcers

Buying dates for stomach ulcers is better than buying chemical drugs. Although chemical drugs can reduce the pain of stomach ulcer in a short period of time and improve it, but the side effects caused by them can be many.


Dates have been scientifically proven for stomach ulcers and so far many articles have been published about it all over the world. In addition, many researchers have also done a lot of research in this regard.


Of course, the healing time of gastric ulcer using dates can be different in people. Wound healing can depend on the level of your defense system and the amount of dates you use throughout the day. In short, it should be said that dates reduce stomach inflammation and eating them is more effective in treating stomach ulcers.


You can use dates in different ways to treat stomach ulcers

From date juice to its whole fruit. From a medical point of view, date juice is far more valuable than its fruit. The reason is that because the juice is obtained from dates that have been exposed to heat, it releases large amounts of its properties and vitamins and minerals.


This causes easy absorption and high impact of these substances in the body. The most appropriate way to use dates for stomach ulcers is to combine them with other foods. You can make a suitable potion with dates and date juice and consume it.


Dates are rich in magnesium, magnesium increases the body’s immune system. In addition, magnesium consumption reduces inflammation in the body, including inflammation of the stomach and stomach ulcers. Consumption of dates fights free radicals due to its antioxidant properties.