Role of healthy food in body’s health

Having a proper and healthy diet is directly related to the growth and health of the human body, and it is not only effective on physical growth, but also on our emotions, mood and behavior. The characteristics of healthy food is that it provides us with nutrients that are necessary for the body. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals and proteins. By using healthy foods, it is possible to prevent many cardiovascular and vascular failures, reduce disability and diseases, and be fresh and healthy.

  1. have little salt and fat

One of the biggest problems of people these days is high blood pressure, which is caused by excessive use of salt. Try to use enough and little salt. Consumption of saturated fats should be minimized and use vegetable fats instead of animal fats.


  1. Animal products and vegetables are main ingredients

Do not neglect the use of vegetables and plants, meat and animal products and use such ingredients in your daily meals because they are very healthy, nutritious and invigorating.


  1. Balance in the amount of minerals

The calories your body needs during the day are as follows:

Proteins 10-25%

Carbohydrates 50-60%

healthy fats 20-30%


  1. Have fresh and organic ingredients

Try to use fresh and organic food as much as possible and avoid buying ingredients that increase their shelf life with preservatives and chemicals.

Fresh dates contain potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and magnesium.

Table of nutrients in one date

20 calories

Total fat 0.03 grams

Total carbohydrates 33.5 grams

Dietary fiber 0.6 grams

Sugar 4.5 grams

Protein 0.17 grams

Vitamin B 0.012 mg

Iron 0.07 mg

Magnesium 3 mg

Potassium 47 mg

  1. Varied meal plan

Research shows that having variety in the food plan makes the substances needed by the body to be provided faster and indigestion problems are significantly reduced. So prepare for yourself a varied food plan that includes all food groups and prevent problems.