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How to use date seeds?

Some people use date kernels as a coffee additive

In addition, you can add date syrup to hot water with lemon and brew it as tea or water and drink it.

You can mix date syrup with honey and use it instead of jam.

You can add date kernel powder to your smoothies or juices.

Add date seed powder while baking cakes, cookies, etc.

When you make salad dressing, add date syrup to get more of its health benefits.

In addition to all these properties and uses that I wrote for you, date kernel has other uses that I can briefly mention like this:


Date kernels are used for fodder for cattle, sheep, camels and chickens, which increases the weight and efficiency of feed.

Date oil is used in body creams, shampoos, shaving soap formulas and many cosmetic products. The seeds contain 6-8% yellow-green and non-drying oil suitable for use in soap and cosmetic products.

Date kernels are even used in the production of necklaces and rosaries!

They burn the seeds to produce charcoal.