Ajwa Dates Wholesalers

Ajwa dates are one of the oldest grains known to man, and they are now used as a part of international trade for the purpose of making luxury foods like Ajwaini dates. It is very important to note that the production of these dates is done by people who live far away from their local markets, and so Ajwa dates wholesalers are very important to this trade.

One of the oldest religious scriptures even suggests that anyone who takes seven AJWAs every day on Jain festivals will be unaffected by magic or poison on that day until the next night. Ajwaini dates are grown mostly in the northern part of India. There are several places where a large number of export takes place. These dates are harvested in the summer season and then packed in wooden barrels.

The Ajwaini dates, which are called Asari dates in Arabic, are grown primarily in the North Eastern part of India. The harvest is usually done in the summer, with the fruits being picked in May and the rinds being dried in September.

The production of Asari dates requires plenty of sunlight. Ajwaini dates have very delicate, small seeds. This makes them hard to store properly.

Ajwaini dates do not contain the same level of vitamin E as other Ajwaini dates. They do however, have an excellent antioxidant capacity, making them ideal for use in cooking as they are very resistant to spoilage.

In addition to these two attributes, Asari dates are renowned for their rich colour, which is almost brown and has hints of red, orange, yellow, white and green. They are the oldest grains known to man and thus a large number of Ajwa dates are required in order to make a single batch of date. Thus, Ajwaini dates wholesalers are very important to this trade.

In addition to the quality of the Ajwaini dates, they are also very easy to grow. They can survive in all kinds of environments and conditions, including dry heat and extreme cold conditions. There is also no need to add any special fertilizer to the crop.

It is not difficult to tell the difference between different types of Asari dates. Ajwa dates are also known as the best betel dates. They are not only slightly sweet but also have a very mild taste, thanks to their dark colour.

Ajwaini dates are not only sold as dates but are also commonly known as ‘alias ‘curdas’. They are widely available both in shops and in the market. They are known to be perfect for desserts, chutneys and juices, although the sweetness is only moderately strong and thus they are not recommended to be eaten raw.