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Date juice mask on the skin

Date juice mask is used in several ways and you can put it on your skin as a mask. Date juice mask on the skin can be obtained by mixing date juice with milk or mixing them with turmeric or lemon juice. You can even combine it with wheat flour and honey and leave it on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes and then enjoy the freshness of your skin.


Date vinegar on the skin

Dates grown in dry areas should be used to prepare date vinegar. Because they don’t have a lot of moisture and the possibility of mold in them is low. The sweeter the date, the later it turns into vinegar.


So, for producing vinegar, dates such as Pyaram and Rabi, which are dry and without juice, are very suitable for this purpose. Also, keep in mind that the dates should be free of mold because the mold of one date causes the reproduction and mold of all the ingredients in the date vinegar. The container used to prepare vinegar must also be disinfected and clean so that harmful foreign bacteria do not replace useful bacteria in the process of creating vinegar.



Treatment of stomach pain and ulcers

Causes and factors of using dates to heal stomach ulcers

According to an old belief, dates are known in the Arab regions, especially in the south of our country, as a useful food for treating stomach ulcers. Muslims usually consume more dates during Ramadan, probably to protect the stomach lining and religious beliefs.


Today, many researches have been conducted on the effect of date extract on the concentration of histamine and gastric mucin and the plasma concentration of gastrin hormone, which has yielded good results.


Studies and research conducted in this field (the article on the healing effect on stomach ulcers caused by ethanol) show that different date extracts can have a positive effect on the number and severity of stomach ulcers and treat them.


Ethanol and partially aqueous extract of date fruit improves the severity of gastric ulcer. This type of fruit significantly reduces the index of gastric ulcer damage and affects the immune system.


As you have seen, it can be useful and effective for stomach ulcers; But it is better to ask a real expert about the amount and type of consumption.


As a digestive aid, it can help you with digestive diseases. Dates contain a large amount of soluble dietary fiber, which helps digestion and stimulates bowel movements.


Therefore, date consumption is recommended in all cases of digestive problems such as constipation, indigestion, nausea, hemorrhoids, weak spleen and stomach ulcers.