Surviving The First Day

If we want to tell the properties of dates and its juice, it will not fit in one article, but we will briefly state a few of its properties. The body needs phosphate and iron for blood formation, and date juice is rich in iron, which helps to increase red blood cells and blood formation in the body. It also has a large amount of calcium, which is used to strengthen the bones of the body and help pregnant and lactating mothers. It is very useful. The potassium and manganese present in date juice prevents the activation of the nervous system and prevents the growth of nerve cells. Another vitamin is vitamin C, which prevents colds in the winter season by eating two dates a day. Date juice has antibacterial properties and helps to treat constipation due to its high fiber content. The sugar in date juice is quickly absorbed and quickly restores the body’s lost energy. In many other countries, date juice is used instead of Sugar is used in the preparation of sweets and desserts. In general, dates and date juice are very useful for the health of the body, even for diabetics.