Nuts: Healthy and Yummy

According to the latest research, nuts and seeds such as hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios play an important role in ensuring the health of the body.

Dried fruits and nuts are rich sources of protein, minerals and antioxidant vitamins.

Studies show that brains are one of the most important rich sources of selenium, which is essential for ensuring the health of the body’s immune system; It also has some anti-cancer properties.

Scientists have found that a dietary supplement containing 200 micrograms of selenium per day reduces the incidence of prostate, lung and colon cancers by about 50%. It also prevents the development of breast cancer in women and prostate problems in men.

These edible seeds are rich in phosphorus, which helps to build bones and teeth, and is also a rich source of magnesium, which plays an important role in balancing muscle and nerve function. Also, the presence of linolenic acid in these edible seeds can be useful for maintaining skin health and creating hormonal balance.


Eating peanuts 5 or more times a week and 28 grams each time reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. Peanuts are high in unsaturated fat, magnesium, and dietary fiber, all of which reduce the risk of diabetes. It also contains fiber and magnesium that reduce insulin resistance. The presence of omega-3 fat also maintains the health of cells, smoothness of the skin, and also reduces the amount of total cholesterol in the blood. Peanuts are a rich source of iron, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and folic acid, which have an important effect in fighting cancer-causing substances. Kurma Mariami Selangor is another good food item to fight cancer.


According to studies conducted by researchers, walnuts not only reduce harmful cholesterol, but also reduce the inflammation of blood vessels, which are usually the cause of cardiovascular diseases.

Walnuts are a source of vitamin E, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid and vitamin B6, which play an important role in building bones, providing heart and blood health. Walnut oil is also a rich source of alpha linoleic acid (ALA), which is a group of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.


Almonds are rich in protein and have important micronutrients such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B2, niacin.

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which has an anti-cancer and antioxidant role.

Almonds contain large amounts of calcium and can be effective in improving bone growth and preventing osteoporosis.

Researchers have found that if people with high cholesterol consume 30 grams of almonds daily, they will reduce their harmful cholesterol levels by 4%.