Ajwa is the name given to a type of dates tree. It is a palm tree, which is indigenous to Southern India. The branches of this date tree have been used for decorating dates since ancient time.

Most of the Ajwa Dates Suppliers from Aizawl actually do offer home delivery service. But there may be some minor charges for delivery services as well. These suppliers will ship the Ajwa Palm fruit to your home using their own transports. You must ensure that the dates you order are free from any chemicals or preservatives. This could affect the freshness and taste of the fruit. The suppliers usually provide quality assurance certificate for all their products.

For buying and consuming the date, you may like to add some honey. The suppliers normally package the fruits in wooden boxes. This should be done so that the colors and tastes of the fruit is not damaged. This could affect the freshness and quality of the fruit. Most of the suppliers send the products wrapped in green paper, brown paper or tissue.

There are several types of dates available from these suppliers. Some of them produce thick, dark brown dates, while others produce light brown, clear dates. The thick ones are preferable if you like to consume it in a long time. These suppliers generally make sure that they pack the dates with sufficient care. The lighter brown dates are preferred for instant breakfast. You can also select from the white, pinkish and green colored dates.

The suppliers also offer a large range of flavored dates such as cashew nuts, mangoes, almonds, raisins, etc. The suppliers offer dates in round, square, triangular and square containers. The dates are available in various flavors such as; light, dark, fudge and chocolate. You can choose any flavor according to your preference.

The suppliers also sell honey from which you can make dates out of. Some of these suppliers sell honey which can be preserved in an air-tight container in a refrigerator. You can also purchase dates in packaged form. This includes dried fruits, powdery fruits, preserves and juices. So, if you wish to buy fresh fruits and dates in bulk quantities, then browse through the online Ajwa dates Suppliers.

Dried fruit is considered to be a healthy alternative to instant fruits and juices. The suppliers sell dried fruits in attractive package. You can buy peaches, apples, dates, berries etc. directly from the online Ajwa dates suppliers.

Apart from fruit, the suppliers also offer dry juices such as lemon, lime, mint, strawberry, tangerine etc. There are varieties of flavors available such as lemon mint. You can browse through the options available and buy the best one according to your taste.

There are many varieties of dates available and hence an Ajwa date is among them. These dates are particularly rich in fibre and nutrients. Fibre also is beneficial for the digestive system. Therefore, good health should always be topmost priority and for which the person should eat only healthy and quality food items.

Ajwa dates come as the fruit of selected trees. The date fruit is juicy and sweet like an orange. The trees are mostly located in Southern part of India. They yield top quality dates every year. It is not possible to find such fresh and sweet caliber of Ajwa dates outside Indian subcontinent.

Ajwa is a type of pulpy fruit that is round in shape. The skin of this fruit is thick and it comes with a strong taste of liquorish. The pulp of this round fruit is used in different forms such as dry fruits, sweets and candies etc. The Ajwans are soaked in water for some days and then they are soaked in clarified and thick oil, which is used to make sweet, salty and flavor flavored candies.

The best way to buy Ajwa dates is directly from a seller or manufacturer. There are hundreds of Ajwa manufacturers in India. Most of the branded manufacturers of Indian market are known for their top quality dates. Some manufacturers sell their Ajwa dates at affordable prices online. Some online stores also offer free shipping and discounted prices on their Ajwans.

There are thousands of online distributors in India. You can search for the best online distributor to buy your favorite product. Many of these retailers are also known as wholesale chocolate distributors. These retailers buy their supplies from manufacturers and then sell them at affordable prices to the public. Some popular online dry fruit wholesalers are Almondella, Avon, Bajraj, Carrefour, Dove, Fondery, Ghavati, iCarrefour, Just Us, Nature’s Specialty Fruits, Pritika, Sanadi, Sunbeam and more. These companies have their websites on the Internet.

Ajwa Dates wholesalers also provide the facility of return back if the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the product purchased. There are certain manufacturers who use artificial colorings, lead free sealants and other chemicals to increase the life of their products. When you buy fresh Ajwans, there is no way that any of these chemicals can harm you or your child. So, it is always better to choose natural ingredients like dates for your sweets. Buying quality products is the only way to ensure that you are giving your kids healthy and nutritious sweets.